10 Easily Available Superfoods You Should Eat/Drink Daily

Eating the right foods day in, day out is very important if you want to stay healthy and be in shape. There are a zillion superfoods out there, but they’re usually so uncommon that you just can’t eat them regularly, even if you tried. That’s why I created this list of very easily accessible health-boosting and fat-burning foods that you can easily make an everyday part of your diet.

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How To Be Ripped And Healthy All Year Without Ever Counting Calories

Do you think you need to be on a special diet or exercise program in order to get a 6-pack? Are you trying to figure out a magic macronutrient ratio to lose fat, but keep all your muscle? What if I told you that you can get ripped and stay that way all year without ever counting calories or paying too much attention to macros? That’s right. Plus you’ll have a bulletproof immune system and you don’t even need a magic pill. It’s all about living like you were programmed to – a little more like a caveman. Let me explain…

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Why You Need to Get More Sun Exposure and How to Do It Right

The sun is the provider of all life on Earth. If you’re not a big fan and you’re staying indoors most of the time, you’re depriving yourself of the most potent vitamin there is – vitamin D. The fact of the matter is that most people are deficient in this vital compound. How do you maximize your vitamin D production naturally? When is the best time to go out on the sun and how to protect yourself without the estrogenic chemicals used in most sunscreens?

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